World Pickleball Games Selection Policy

PickleballEngland plan to select and send a team to represent England at the World Pickleball Games taking place in Austin, Texas in May 2023.

A Team can be made up of a minimum of 4 men and 4 women or a maximum of 6 men and 6 women. 

The Board of Directors prepared and agreed the Selection Policy that is detailed below.

  1. Background

In 2020, the World Pickleball Federation (WPF) announced that it will be introducing the World Pickleball Games.  These games will be the first true team competition in pickleball where each competing country’s federation will select a team.

It is anticipated that the format for the World Pickleball Games will lay the foundation for the format of play for pickleball to be considered for the Olympics in the future.  It is the Committee’s vision that this will be a prestigious event that will attract the world’s media to create exposure for the game and to inspire non players to aspire to play for their country in the future.

It will be a 6 Day Event starting with a Trade Show during Practice Play; Seminars; Media Day and Opening Ceremony; Group Stages prior to Quarter and Semi Finals and Finals followed by a Closing Ceremony. 

Pickleball England wish to enter a team in the World Pickleball Games and the purpose of this document is to provide background information as well as the selection policy for the team which will represent England. 

It is considered essential by the pbE Board that the selection process is transparent, formal and fair.

  1. When and Where?

The inaugural World Pickleball Games will be hosted at the Austin Pickle Ranch, Austin, Texas from 2-7 May 2023. 

  1. Format

A team will consist of a minimum of 4 men and 4 women and a maximum of 6 men and 6 women.  In addition, each team can be accompanied by a team manager, team coach and physio.  Players should be the best players in the country and need to be at a minimum of a 4.0 level. The first World Pickleball Games is 19+ but since it is the first, there are no age restrictions. In future years, there will also be World Pickleball Games at both the Junior and Senior level.

  1. Selection Policy Objectives

The primary objective is to select the strongest players in England who are capable of winning matches at an international level against other countries teams.

  1. Player eligibility

         To be considered for selection a player: –

  • Must be a member of pbE
  • Must have been resident in England for a continuous period of 2 years immediately prior to team selection.

        (Team Selection may include a maximum of two players (1 male & 1 female) who do not satisfy the residency requirement but were born in England and currently reside abroad.  All other selection criteria apply.)

  • Generally considered to be a 4.0+ standard
  • Eligible players (satisfying points (a) & (b)) that progress through a knockout round at 4.0+ 19+ at the English Nationals will automatically be eligible to participate in the selection league event
  1. Selection Panel 

pbE Board of Directors by a majority vote following the objectives of fielding the strongest team and based on results of the selection leagues. Any conflicts of interest by the board will be declared both before and during this process to ensure fairness and transparency. The BoD member with a conflict will excuse themselves from any vote relating the conflict of interest.

  1. Selection Procedures
  • Players will be asked to indicate their willingness and availability to play on the given dates (1st-10thMay). Players will be asked to complete a form outlining their performances at international and national competition and at what level. The weighting of international events will be higher than national, and national higher than local/regional, with more recent results also having more of a weighting.
  • The pbE Board of Directors will review the information provided by players and results from international and national tournament over the last 3 years.
  • Players who wish to be considered should make every effort to enter the English Nationals (12th-15thAugust) at the 4.0+ 19+ level. This is not a requirement but is suggested by the Board to demonstrate ability in a 4.0+ tournament environment. Nationals results will be considered in the event that a player submits a successful extenuating circumstance claim for the England Selection League event and vice versa.
  • All players who wish to be considered and meet the eligibility criteria will be invited to take part in the England Selection League Event (September date TBC) and must attend if they wish to continue in the selection process. Travel to the event and court fees will be paid by each player.
  • The top 12 men and 12 women will then be invited to play in 2 further England Selection League events, and from these events all results will be recorded, and rankings created.
  • A strong emphasis will be placed on the results of the league fixtures in making the selection of the team.
  • The final selection of 4-6 men and 4-6 ladies, plus 2 non travelling reserves (1 man, 1 woman) will be announced by the end of the year and listed on the pbE website. All 12 men and 12 women players will be advised on whether they have been selected or not and will be given 48 hours to confirm that they would like to represent their country.
  • In the event a player cannot participate in the Nationals and/or England Selection League event, they must make an extenuating circumstance claim to the Board advising their reason why. It is then at the Board’s discretion to grant special dispensation or not. All decisions made by the Board will be made as per (6) and will be final.
  1. Player Cost/Sponsorship

PickleballEngland anticipates, and will make every effort to ensure that, full sponsorship will be provided for all team members in respect of entry fee, travel, subsistence and team kit. However, this sponsorship cannot be guaranteed, and so players may have to contribute to travel and accommodation costs. If this is the case, the relevant information will be provided when players are advised on their selection outcome.

  1. Players’ Indications of Interest

Below is a form which should be completed for each person who wishes to be considered for selection.

  1. Selected Player/Manager Requirements

All selected players will be required to:

  • Commit to the team preparation/competition plans in run up to World Pickleball Games
  • Commit to making themselves available for any reasonable social media/sponsor posts/commitments
  • Commit to adhering to the pickleballEngland Code of Conduct, Values, relevant policies.
  1. Team Manager/Team Coach
  • An appointment of both a nonplaying Team Coach and Team Manager will be made, and these roles will be subject to appointment by the board based on qualifications and previous experience. As per point (8), pickleballEngland will make every effort to provide full sponsorship but it cannot be guaranteed, so both roles may have to contribute towards team expenses.
  • Anyone that wishes to be considered for either Team Manager or Team Coach, should complete the attached Team Manager/Team Coach Indication of Interest form.
  • The Team Coach will be responsible for helping to plan out training, selecting which players play in which fixtures/matches and coaching the team through the Games.
  • The Team Manager will be responsible for the organisation of the team, such as being on top of hotel bookings, cars/transfers, keeping tabs on playing times and scheduling and ensuring the team has everything needed at the Games.
  1. Deselection

If a player fails to meet the requirements set out in point (10), the pbE board has the discretion to deselect the player by majority vote.