The lockdown means that we are all missing playing pickleball and we are all missing seeing our friends.

The lockdown also means that our main fundraising events, the English OPEN and Doubles League are cancelled for the foreseeable future.

Our youngest PickleballEngland Board Member, Sam Basford, Regional Director for the West Midlands wanted to do create something competitive for players whilst observing the lockdown.  He has come up with Solitude Singles!

He has signed up 26 players between 14 and 62 years of age to compete against each other in paddle skill drills.  They will participate in a knockout tournament.  In the first round players will be randomly paired up to compete against each other.  They will be asked to send a video of their best attempt (in a 30 second period) at for example forehand, backhand keepy uppies. The winner of that face off will go through to the next round, where they will meet another player that also won in the first round.

All of the competitions will be posted to the PickleballEngland Facebook page so that players can follow the competition.


  1. Donate £10 to PickleballEngland and you will be randomly allocated a player, who will basically be playing on your behalf.   If ‘your’ player gets to Quarter Final stage or beyond, you are guaranteed a prize!  Drop Shot are sponsoring this virtual tournament and will be providing the prizes.  Drop Shot have a great range of paddles, trainers and sportswear. All participants will be notified the name of your player prior to the start of the tournament on 12th May. 


2.  Follow the fun on Facebook @PickleballEngland.  The fun starts on 12th May!