East Midlands Doubles League

12th September 2021 Session Results

2 groups of 10 players played with each other and against each other.  After 8 games, the bottom 2 of group 1 went to group 2 and the top 2 of group 2 went to group 1.  As many games as could be played in the time were played.  Standings tables have been generated for both sessions.  Players liked the format and enjoyed the competitive games.  Results beneath the video.

18th October Session Results

The second East Midlands Doubles League fixture gave Jeff some challenges.  He was one man down on court 4 and then there were two early retirements on two other courts.

So we have included all game results on the first table but for the standings table, we have only included an equal number of games for players.  So after the retirements, the games didn’t go into the standings table.

6th September Session Results