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Attendees of Teach the Teacher workshop May 2018:   Back row: Gillian Bushell, Caroline King, Steve White, Sonia Desai, Sue Harris, Joyce Davies, Steve Bamber, Sophie Doessport,  Caroline Laville, Chris Mitchell, Andre Strachen, Paul Telling.  Front Row:  Wendy Marks, Diane Filip,  Louise Stephens,  Karen Mitchell,  Tracy Coults, Bonita Baker-Robins & Seymour Rifkind.

The International Pickleball teaching Professional Association was founded in 2015 by Seymour Rifkind and 19 of the best pickleball players and coaches in the world.  The purpose of the IPTPA is to certify and elevate the standards of the pickleball teaching professional globally.  It does this by delivering an on-going program of workshops, seminars and other learning experiences to continually raise the quality of each of its members.

In May 2018  17 players attended the Teach the Teacher  workshop in Surrey.  All but 2 were from England.  The 2 day, 8 hour programme delivered by Seymour Rifkind (Rif) culminated with the attendees receiving their Certificate of Completion and given the designation Certified Pickleball Instructor (CPI).  The certification covers introducing pickleball to new players and teach at the beginner skill level.

England is lucky enough to have 3 Level II IPTPA  Certified Teaching Professionals.  Leo Gonzalez, Jeff van der Hulst and Paul Telling.  Level II certification covers working with beginners through intermediate players.

There is a Level III certification enabling coaching through pro level and for 4.0 and above rated players there is training to become a rating specialist.

PickleballEngland is pleased to be associated with the IPTPA, the world leader in developing teaching standards for the sport of pickleball.  We are working with Rif to establish dates for Teach the Teacher workshops and if the demand is there for Level II training too.  If you are interested in attending the training, please let us know by emailing


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