Franklin Premier Pickleball League

About the Premier Pickleball League
The Premier Pickleball League (PPL) was founded to give the top pickleball players in the UK, regular opportunity to compete with and against each other.
The PPL is a team event that will see teams play a league format throughout the season leading to play-offs and a championship showdown to conclude the season. The fixtures will be determined by a combination of singles, gender doubles and mixed doubles matches.
There will be 6 teams. These teams will play in a round robin style league hosted over 5 dates and venues. These fixtures will consist of the following matches, men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles.
There will be 6 players drafted into each team, 3 male players and 3 female players. Each fixture will utilise a minimum of 4 players from each team. You can find further information about the Premier Pickleball League here:

Franklin are the headline sponsor for the Premier Pickleball League! Franklin are one of the leading Pickleball brands in the world and have been at the forefront of the Pickleball expansion across Europe. One of the most notable features of the Franklin brand is the family feel. Members of the Franklin family are often at events all over Europe looking to meet new players and see how they can help the game advance.

Franklin is already the Official Ball of Pickleball England, and we are pleased the Premier Pickleball League will exclusively use their X-40 pickleball and premium pickleball nets.

Meet the Teams

For more information:


Louis Laville

Anty Giuliano

Sabrina Edwards Pereira

Guy Laville

Tom Turney

Emily Jelly

Pickleball Store

Thaddea Lock

Pep Giuliano

Susanna Rouse

Emerson Gregory

Bernie Audibert

Emma Wrixon


Freddie Powell

Julie Mac

Anthony McElvaine

Bonita Baker

Hermione Baxter 

Tom Corfield

SB Pickleball

Pei Chuan Kao

Sam Basford

Peter Hitchman

Nikki Withers

Megha Kapoor

Jameson Hargear


James Chaudry

Jess Wilson

Maisie Wise

Jamie Basford

Mercedes Baxter 

Daniel Wren

Advanced Pickleball

Mollie Kubrick Finney

Ed Hares

James Salter

Stuart Parminter

Natalia Novikova

Jang Evans

Follow all the Action

Matches will be live streamed on RAQT TV ( and the link to them can be found here:   Please tune in and follow their instagram page ( to see some of England’s top players in action.

To see the Premier Pickleball League Live Table and Results, please click here: