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Pickleball Fire Podcast

Karen Mitchell is interviewed by Lynn Cherry of Pickleball Fire.  Lynn was interested to find out more about the state of play of pickleball outside of the USA.

Karen talks about the creation of Pickleball England, the expansion of the Board of Directors from 2 to 8 and our 5 year goal of 25,000 members.  Getting recognition from Sport England.  The creation of the European Pickleball Federation.  World Pickleball Day, Pickleball Ambassadors, County Representatives and which paddle Karen plays with are all covered in this podcast.

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Sports Insider Podcast

Duncan Jenkinson of Sports Insider wanted to find out what makes Pickleball such an addictive, inclusive and exciting sport? 

To find out, he interviewed Louis Laville & Thaddea Lock (the UK’s #1 players), Karen & Chris Mitchell and Sam Basford from Pickleball England.  He asks: 

– What is Pickleball, and what makes it so addictive?
– Why is Pickleball growing so rapidly?
– What does it take to reach the top of the sport?

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Pickleball Fire Podcast with Thaddea Lock

Find out in this podcast:

  • Which top professional introduced Thaddea to Pickleball
  • How she learned her rating and what that meant to Pickleball in England
  • How an illness impacted Thaddea’s tennis game and what that meant for her involvement in Pickleball
  • What she accomplished in her first Pickleball tournament
  • How and when to hit a two-handed backhand in Pickleball
  • Thaddea’s three rules of Pickleball and which one lower level players often don’t use
  • How she helps promote Pickleball in Europe

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Pickleball Fire Podcast with Louis Laville

Find out in this podcast:

  • What Louis thought about Pickleball when his mom first described the game to him
  • What surprised him when he went to watch the U.S. Open Pickleball Championships
  • Where people play Pickleball in England and what Louis projects for the future of the sport in his country
  • How Louis trained during the long COVID-19 lock down in England
  • What happened when he set up a Pickleball court in his parents living room
  • Who Louis practices and partners with in the sport
  • What he is doing to help grow the game of Pickleball in England
  • Tournament play in Europe and which professional tour is going across the pond
  • Louis plans for competing in tournaments in the USA

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Or something to watch?

Trans World Sports came along to the English OPEN in August 2019 and filmed for a day and a half.  The programme was aired Sunday 13th October 2019. 

Trans World Sports (TWS) is a sports-orientated television programme produced by IMG Media in London, England. It has been running since 1987 and has covered top names and sports as well as more esoteric stories and sports. Amazingly they have never featured pickleball!

TWS is shown worldwide, on a variety of syndicated television channels. It is world’s longest running weekly international television sports programme and today, it is shown in over fifty countries, with a household reach of nearly two-hundred million.

The programme will have 9 minutes of content on pickleball. We haven’t seen the content but we are hoping that it conveys how exciting this sport can be, the inclusive nature and the social connectivity. They were following Louis Laville, Thaddea Lock, Jamie Basford and Chris Mitchell to cover all ages with medal hopes – they all ended up with medals!