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The idea of the BLOG is that we will share information that might be of interest to our members.  It could be about what the pickleballEngland volunteers are up to, it could be about playing tips and tactics, it could be about tournaments, ladders and leagues – anything pickleball related!

As this is the first BLOG post, we thought we would share with you what is going on with membership.  We sent out our first email announcing the launch of pickleballEngland on the 2nd January 2019.  We sent it 84 club email addresses.  6 email addresses bounced because they were no longer valid and 63 were opened.  As at today, 19th January, those 63 opens have led to the email being opened a total 1,954 times!  We now have 43 registered clubs and 290 individual members – all from one email!  We are thrilled with the response of players and clubs and it makes all the work and effort we have put in over the past three months worthwhile.  We are doing this for love of the game and the desire to grow the game in England at all levels. 

Now that we have registered clubs we are working on our Places to Play functionality for the website.  A place players or potential players can go to find a club to play with like minded people.  Initially, we will have a map with pins identifying club locations.  Following that we will be introducing a view where you can find out who is playing where on any given day.

We also plan to add other capabilities like Club Resources.  A place for people considering starting a club to go to get information and resources or for more established clubs to get information on Coaching training or access to qualified pickleball coach contact details.  For individual players we want to add video content for improving your skills or interesting articles to read.

Finally, we want to include content sharing summaries of events that have taken place, pictures of English players and medalists.  

If you have any suggestions for future pickleballEngland website content, please share with us via ‘Have Your Say’ or click on the Click here button below. 


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