NW Doubles League

The next NW Doubles League will take place 13th/14th April 2024

Groups 6-10 on Saturday the 17th. Groups 1-5 on Sunday 18th. Usual time 11am till 3pm.
In the event of being oversubscribed as in the last few months we will endeavour to run additional groups at a second venue.

Both sessions will be held from 11am-3pm at Oakhill Leisure Centre, Oakhill School, Wiswell Lane, Whalley, Clitheroe, Lancashire BB7 9A

January 2024 Results

Link to results.

February 2024 Results

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About the Doubles League

The NW has a thriving Doubles League with 9 guaranteed divisions sometimes more!

You sign up for the Doubles League and then based on the attendees and prior results, the players are assigned to a division.

Elaine manages the session and based on attendance will assign players to a court to ensure that skill is evenly balanced.

Players will play a minimum of 8 games and a maximum of 10 games on the day.

The order of play will be displayed for each court and one player per court will be asked to write the result of all the games on the order of play sheet.

The order of play ensures that each player plays with each player twice and against each player between 3 and 5 times (if there are 6 players).

The results of the matches will be populated into a league table for the session and will be published on the PickleballEngland website.

All the results will be consolidated into a cumulative speadsheet, which will award points for wins and losses based on which court players played on, to create an overall ranking table.  This ranking table will be used to determine which court players will be allocated to, based on attendance that month.

The format allows for players to move between groups based on their results.

Results are posted to this page a few days after the event.  Results will also be posted to DUPR in 2024.

2023 NW Doubles League Results

January 2023

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February 2023

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March 2023

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April 2023

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May 2023

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June 2023

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July 2023

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August 2023

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September 2023

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October 2023

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November 2023

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December 2023

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2022 NW Doubles League Results

10th & 11th December Results

Snow created havoc on 10th December preventing some players getting to the venue.  Quick thinking led to two groups of 7 playing 8 games each. Congratulations to the group winners Adina Hildgard and Gary Westmorland.

Congratulations to the court winners on the 11th December: Gordon Pimperton, Robert Rosenfield, Luke Buchannon, Andy Kersh and Susie Dinsdale.  Link to all the results.

Congratulations to the court winners this month: Martin Holland, Jeff O’Brien, Ben Lock, Peter McWhirter, Adam Tuck, Sue Halsall, Sally Williams, Lucy Bamber and Pete Preston.  The results can be found here.

1st & 2nd October Results

This month there were two sessions at different venues. The Saturday 1st October session was for Intermediate groups 6-9 and the second session on Sunday 2nd October advanced groups 1-5.  

The results can be found here.

Congratulations to the court winners.

21st August 2022 Results

Congratulations to the court winners this month:  Gordon Pimperton, Dave Barker, Jeff O’Brien, Jeremy Phillips and Liz Cornwell.

July 2022 Results

Congratulations to all the court winners for July: Leigh Ryder, Forrest Lam, Carole Crooks, Jeff O’Brien, Andy Kersh, Johnny Eastwood, Sarah and Jeremy Phillips.

June 2022 Results

Congratulations to all the court winners for June:  Gordon Pimperton, Geoff Everett, Martin Bromley, Ian Lucas Bond, Jeff O’Brien, Jane Burdett, Side Lokanathan and Wendy Priscot.

21st May Results

One sports hall over 2 sessions = 48 players participating in the May NW Doubles League. Congratulations to James Gilmour, Paul Lewis, Robert Rosenfield, James Burton, Susie Dinsdale, Jeff O’Brien, Keith Bond and Jane Mellor who all won their respective groups.

Sunday 24th April Results

Sunday 20th March Results

NW Doubles League is so popular Elaine and team increased capacity for March by adding a second venue – 4 courts at Bolton Arena.  This meant that an additional 24 players could be accommodated and many of them were new to doubles league which is fantastic!   

Sunday 20th February Results

Elaine may be away in Thailand but that doesn’t stop the NW Doubles League!  Thank you to those that organised this month’s session.  Congratulations to Trevor, Karen, John, Carol and Kate who won their respective courts.  

The next Doubles League date will be updated here asap.

Sunday 16th January Results

The NW Doubles League had a great start to the year and a very unique result!  James Gilmour won group 1. His dad John Gilmour won group 3.  James’s stepson Oscar won group 4.   Three generations and three group winners!

13th December 2021 Results


Another full house for the league – 30 players enjoying competitive play.  Elaine couldn’t join the session until she was freed from quarantine after returning home from a trip to Germany.  It is fantastic that the session still took place with Susie Dinsdale looking after proceedings. This session saw the return of Richard Wise after a long break due to injury.  Richard did rather well on court 1 and his daughter Maisie also did rather well on court 3, coming joint top only being pipped at the top on points difference.  Well done to all the court winners.

14th November 2021 Results

A 2 minute silence was observed at 11am before play started in remembrance of those that lost their lives in conflict.  The next NW Doubles League will be 12th December.  11am-3pm.

Screenshot 2021-11-14 at 23.18.00

10th October 2021 Results

October’s NW Doubles League took place on World Pickleball Day, a fitting celebration for the region. The day before, Elaine and some of her crew took pickleball to the Blackpool Tower – see pictures below.

11th September 2021 Results

Another full house this month with some new faces and a potential future star!  Young Oscar Riding came joint top of his group on his first League attendance.  Can’t wait to see what this young man does in the future.  It was good to see Peter McWhirter back on court after he had to pull out of the English Nationals.

The next NW Doubles League will be the same venue on World Pickleball Day, 10th October, 2021.  Arrive 10.45am for prompt 11am start and 3pm finish.

Oakhill Leisure Centre, Oakhill School, Wiswell Lane, Whalley, Clitheroe, Lancashire BB7 9AF

Pickleball is for all ages. 13 years - 74 years at this month's Doubles League.
Some of the Court 2 players who had such great games they finished half an hour later than the other courts!
Oscar Riding, aged 13 on his way to joint top of court 5 group.

17th July 2021 NW Doubles League

Another full house with 5 courts of 6 players.  Unusually hot weather and the play was red hot too! Nice to see some new faces.


5th June 2021 NW Doubles League

The winter lockdown seemed to go on forever.  The NW took to playing outdoors despite the winter weather.  It was nice for 30 players to be able to get together for Doubles League on 5th June – it was almost as if the world was back to normal!

30 players attended the first NW Doubles League of 2021
Who is the legend?
Sean Savage in beast mode!

26th September 2020 NW Doubles League

The NW Pickleball Festival might have had to be cancelled but that didn’t stop 30 players from the region meeting up to play in bubbles of 6 players.  Results are posted below.

Players of all ages attended the Doubles League