Covid-19 Lockdown Lightheardedness

These are challenging times for everyone.  The purpose of this page is to share some activities that might while away a moment or two or provide a smile!  

Most of the content here has been shared with us via Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.  Apologies that we don’t accredit the source – they are often not included.  Enjoy!

The first video was created by Thaddea Lock with help from a number of English pickleball players.  See how many you know!

Optical Illusion? If definitely works!
Just thought this was funny!
Look Very Carefully!
How many films can you see in this illustration?
Number the balls to solve!
How tricky is this one?
Just a suggestion!!
Can you solve this one?!!

I tried several numbers…… the same result!

Don't give up on this one!
Play along with the family?
One for Kate Bush fans?