The Franklin Giveaway

Franklin Sports is a trusted partner of Pickleball England and their X-40 Pickleball remains the most preferred ball in the world. The Franklin X-40 is the Official ball of Pickleball England and is the Official Ball we will be playing with at the 2023 English OPEN. To celebrate the biggest and best English OPEN yet, we are excited to offer our members a chance to win some great Franklin pickleball items. 

4 Pink Sling Bags
5 sets of 2 Decimator paddles and 4 balls
3 packs of 12 Franklin X40 balls
3 Grey Sling Bags
1 X1000 paddle

The prize draw is closed.  We will be randomly picking the winners from the entries and advising the winners in the next few days.

Franklin Sports is committed to growing the game in the UK and would like your help! If you think you are a person that promotes the game, exhibits strong sportsmanship and could be a good candidate to become an official Franklin Pickleball Ambassador, please complete the following form fields for a chance to become part of the Franklin Family! 
If selected, the new Franklin Ambassadors will have a direct line to Franklin Pickleball and will be included in strategy discussions on how to continue to promote and help the sport grow in the UK… Not to mention some extra goodies.. 🙂 

Register your interest in becoming a Franklin Ambassador

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