Footwear for pickleball

What's on your shoe rack?


It was only a decade ago that my shoe rack was full of lovely shoes for all occasions.  Heels, flats, wedges, boots, walking boots……now though my shoe rack is full of trainers!  Playing pickleball 4 or more times a week means I want more than one pair of trainers on the go at any one time and a lot of my social life after pickleball has been whilst still wearing the trainers, so the need for heels and pretty flat shoes has diminished!

I remember someone telling me early on in my pickleball playing career that I needed high sided trainers suitable for lateral movement.  After trying 2-3 different brands, I have found that I keep going back to Asics and Drop Shot.

Rob Williams latest blog “Shoes-stop-we-have-a-problem” tells you everything you ever wanted to know about choosing the right shoes for pickleball.  You can read it here.

I remember pre-covid having a foot issue and was talking to Thaddea Lock about it and she identified that the way I was tying my shoelaces was probably contributing to the problem (I kid you not) and it was resolved by changing the way I tied my laces!!  Here is a link to one article providing solutions to foot problems and another link, proving it really is a thing!

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