Donations are welcomed

PickleballEngland is a not for profit organisation run by a group of enthusiastic volunteers for the benefit of players in England and Wales.  Membership to pickleballEngland is free.  We raise funds by organising events – Leagues, Festivals, Tournaments.

If you would like to make a donation to pickleballEngland, to help provide much needed funds to help grow pickleball in England.  We have a goal of 25,000 members by 2025.  

Thank you for your kind donations

Thank you to Hertfordshire Pickleball for their £527 donation from the proceeds of their January Tournival event. 

Thank you to Cambridge Pickleball for the £200 donation from the proceeds of their Willing Cup event in 2022.

Mike Varney

Gillian Collinson

Salli Griffith

Richard Babin

Richard & Wendy Wise

Sue & Paul Jeffries

Carol Seager

Gill Hogan

Jenny Basford

Louise Stephens

Giuseppe ‘Pep’ Giuliano 

Veronica Marnell

Debbie Goff

Eastport Pickleball

Carol Amos

Greg Smith

Len & Suzanne Rouse

Sue Lingard

John Haining

Ian Kingsbury

Roger Harrison

Beaconsfield Pickleball Club

Smeda Pickleball

David Rowe

Andre Strachan

Susan Moneypenny

Tracey Taylor

Nicky Beecham

Jane Portnell

Edward Hares

Jibin Paulose

Jeff van der Hulst

Fiona McGarrigle

Jarkko Vallin

Jimbo Cohen

Karen Butera

Neil Hopkins

Chris & Karen Mitchell

Mary Corbaly

David Newstead

Elaine Brown

David Bungard

Kathy & Andy Horrell

Donation received in memory of Peter Stoeh of Cambridge Pickleball.

Several donations received from London Pickleball raffles.

Donation received from PEC (Pickleball Events Committee)