Introducing the Deaf Pickleball Action Group

In May 2023 we held our first taster session for the deaf.  It was a complete success. Since then there have been other taster sessions that have resulted in many pickleball players in the deaf community playing pickleball regularly.  

The latest development is that Pickleball England has joined UK Deaf Sport as a member and we have a newly establish Deaf Pickleball Action Group.

The Deaf Pickleball Action Group:

James Townsend (Liaison Officer), Bryan Whalley, Julie McCauley, Andrea Hardwick and Marcel Hirshman.

The Group have lost no time in developing their Mission and Vision.


Our mission is to advocate for and empower the Deaf community, including British Sign Language users, through the promotion, development, and accessibility of pickleball across England / UK. We are committed to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment where individuals of all abilities can participate, thrive, and enjoy the benefits of pickleball, while championing the unique needs and perspectives of the Deaf community.


To ensure that individuals within the Deaf community, including British Sign Language (BSL) users of all ages and abilities, across every community throughout England / UK, have equal access to and participation in the sport of pickleball.

Who We Are

DPAG is a dedicated working group operating under Pickleball England, focused on enhancing accessibility and inclusivity within the sport. Our mission encompasses various initiatives, including introducing Deaf individuals to pickleball, supporting local clubs with Deaf awareness, providing advisory services to Pickleball England on matters related to the Deaf community and British Sign Language, and organising Deaf festivals and tournaments. Through our efforts, we strive to foster a welcoming and inclusive environment for Deaf individuals to engage and excel in pickleball across England and the UK.

James was featured in a Pickleball 52 article following an interview at the English Nationals.  Take a read.