Avoiding Knee Replacement Surgery

My personal experience with the Move+ red light therapy device by Karen Mitchell

At the beginning of May, Chris and I travelled by ferry to the Dutch Open in Harlaam.  The only thing was that I was injured and wouldn’t be playing.  I couldn’t lift my right arm which meant I couldn’t lift my paddle enough to play.  I spent a nice weekend watching Chris and his partners play, chatting with players and refereeing some matches.  I confess that I was feeling pretty low, because my mobility has been getting increasingly worse due to my knees and I was putting off getting my knees replaced because I have an irrational fear of operations and I know that my heavy weight would make recovery more difficult.  That weekend in Harlaam, I had to take the lift to the first floor where the café/bar was because I couldn’t walk up and down the stairs without significant pain.  I was thinking that it was unlikely that I would be entering another tournament as a player.

Lee Whitwell saves the day!

Lee Whitwell, the pro player (Senior Pro from this year) who has attended the last two English OPEN’s, told me about the Move+.  She is sponsored by Kineon who make the Move+.  Checking the website I liked what I read: 

A device which helps reduce chronic pain in as little as 5 minutes

After thousands of clinical trials, we know Red Light Therapy works.

The MOVE+ combines the therapeutic benefits of deep red LED and infrared laser light, to deliver targeted light straight to your joints and muscles.

Carefully designed to be portable and hands-free, get significant relief from pain and inflammation whenever and wherever you need it

Targeted Red Light Therapy

It uses targeted LEDs and lasers to stimulate:

  • blood flow
  • energy production in the mitochondria
  • collagen and cartilage production
  • the healing process in the joint

It first triggers the release of nitric oxide which increases blood circulation into the joint.

This helps to decrease inflammation by firing up your body’s natural self-healing process.

LED & laser technology at 2 different optimal wavelengths ensures deeper penetration directly into the source of pain.

Science-backed, laser targeted and easy-to-use

Here are 5 reasons why the MOVE+ Pro is so effective:

  1. Application at skin level ensures consistent and effective dosage.
  2. Joint-level penetration to target the precise source of pain
  3. It’s very easy to use. No heavy lifting is required.
    Just adjust it onto the body part you want, buckle up and press start.
  4. You can use it anywhere. Use it while sitting, on your bed, watching TV, driving or at the gym post-workout
  5. No side effects.

After reading this, I was looking forward to giving it a go.  At this point, I should say that I have tried a number of different products that are supposed to help mobility or help keep your skin plump to slow down the aging process, none of which really worked, so I was skeptical.  My husband Chris more so.  We live in a bungalow, so I don’t often need to take the stairs but I do need to be able to use stairs when out and about, so I was willing to try one more product.

A couple of days after our Harlaam trip, my Move+ arrived and I started to use it.  Very easy to use, you position the lights over the area of pain.  I started by applying to my arm injury and then went to my knees.  By the end of the week, I was able to play a few games on the Friday on our court as Chris had invited some players over.  It felt great.  On the Saturday, I played all afternoon and the sun was shining, the combination of sunshine and play made me feel so good.  I continued the treatment and told Chris that I thought it was working because I wasn’t feeling as much pain whilst laying down and I could put one knee on top of each other without it hurting – an indication that the inflammation in the area was going down.

The following weekend, we went to a tournament/festival in Southampton.  We played the festival on Saturday but entered the building on the same floor as the courts.  I was putting off going up the stairs to the bathroom leaving it several hours.  There is no lift at Southampton to the first floor and I assumed that I would struggle with the stairs.  Imagine my surprise when I not only could manage the stairs, I managed them as I would have about 5-10 years ago!  I was so excited.  The only thing I had been doing differently was the red light treatment.  That weekend I took no pain killers and I had no pain.

To me, this feels like a game changer, almost a miracle.  If I can avoid having to have knee replacement by managing the pain and being able to improve my mobility, this device is a bit of a miracle.  So I am singing “it’s a miracle” and I am excited and Chris is countering back with “I don’t believe in miracles” but can’t deny that I am feeling happier about my mobility and when I show him that I can now squat and can get on my knees to retrieve something under the sofa, he can’t deny that I am able to do things that I couldn’t do even 12 months ago.  He points out that the weather has got warmer and how much has that had to do with the treatment.  I pointed out that whilst I didn’t have as much pain during our April trip to the US Open in Naples, Florida, I struggled with the stairs at our Airbnb, so it feels different.

On Saturday, I arranged a taster session on our court in the morning which lasted for 1.5 hours and Chris arranged for two of our favourite players to come over to play in the afternoon.  It’s always good to play with friends that are fairly evenly matched so that you don’t know who is going to come out on top overall.  My mobility has meant that Chris has to do the heavy lifting for us as a team more recently but this weekend, with my knees feeling better, I loved the 3 hours we played.  Sunshine, pickleball, friends, it is a wonderful feeling.  I may not have been fully match fit but I did so enjoy playing especially without pain.  4.5 hours on the court, was bound to result in fatigue and in the past quite a bit of pain but this time, I felt just fatigue. A little stiffness later but no real pain.  I applied the move+ to my knees that night and I woke up without any issues on Sunday.  That afternoon we attended a birthday party and when the downstairs bathroom was occupied, I prepared to go up the stairs.  Southampton wasn’t a fluke, I happily went up and down the stairs.  When I got down again, I spent 20 minutes boring some of the party goers about my experience…….This is your warning, I might turn into a bit of a bore telling everyone about this product!

I am the first to acknowledge that this blog is being written just 3 weeks after starting treatment but I am excited enough about the results that I want to tell other people that are suffering like I was because the liberation I feel is amazing.  I was feeling like I was moving like a much older person than my actual age.  Now I feel like the clock has turned back to how my knees were at least 5 years ago. This can only bode well for my ability to be more mobile, play more pickleball and walk more.  I said to Chris that I even want to get my bike out and see if I can ride that again!

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