August Singles League Results

We had a great turnout for August’s singles league.  There were probably two reasons for that:  

  1. Last opportunity to get singles practise before the English OPEN
  2. An opportunity to play singles against the Pro!  Jon Moore had been in Europe for many months this year and was now in England to do some scouting for a Pickleball Trips visit to England combined with attending the Bainbridge Cup and English OPEN in 2020.
All the guys plus Thaddea and Tracy got to play against Jon. Jon won all his games, surprise surprise!!, his results are in the results sheet but they were not included in the league table since it was a one time visit to the league.  
Given that Jon wasn’t eligible, that meant that Guy Laville won the league on the night.  Well done Guy!  
After all the singles were played Jon was good enough to play doubles with everyone!  The doubles was an opportunity for Daniel Wren to play with his partner,  for the English OPEN, Dylan Neilson.  Dylan and his mum Naomi had travelled down from Edinburgh for the Singles League and to give Dylan an opportunity for some practise together.  This turned out to be a great strategy because they won Gold together in the 19+ 3.5 Men’s Doubles events and both of them have several years before they hit 19!