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pbEngland has withdrawn from the IFP

As of March 30, 2022, the following nine former IFP countries, including seven of the eight full member countries, have formally notified the IFP in writing that they have officially withdrawn their participation from the federation:

Czech Republic*
United States

*Also current members of World Pickleball Federation

The former IFP countries and directors are committed to building a collective international organization worthy of the respect of its member countries. An organization that is driven by integrity, democratic principles, transparency and inclusion.

A Task Force has now been established, composed of the presidents (or their designees) from the nine former IFP member countries. This group is now actively exploring and evaluating the options available going forward, which include joining the WPF, introducing a new international federation and merging the WPF into it, or introducing an independent, new international federation.

In addition, the following former IFP directors have all resigned their positions, effective March 30, 2022:

Board Member (Secretary)

Board Member (At-Large)

Director of Grants

Director of Tournament Operations

Director of Livestream Productions

Director of Sponsorships

Director of Education and Youth Development

Director of Ambassadors

Director of Social Media

Director of Country Memberships

The joy created by our sport, its inclusiveness, health and social benefits, and the ability to unite all backgrounds around the world remains our goal, as we embark on the next chapter. We remain grateful for your understanding and support.

Countries with questions can email the new Task Force at:

Click here to download pdf with hyperlinks to country websites.