2024 Skechers English OPEN

2023’s English OPEN had 1059 players and games were played from 9am-10pm. The only way we can increase capacity is to add days.  Plus 10pm is too long a day for our volunteers and even if players start later in the day, no-one is at their best late in the evening.  

So, we have decided to hold the 2024 English OPEN over 7 days!  This will create greater capacity, enabling us to accept registrations for up to 2,000 players over the 7 days!  

Not playing in the evenings will create the added benefit of courts being available for recreational play in the evening.

We looked at various ways to manage the event but concluded that to enable players to minimise the number of days they needed to stay for, we would split the event by age. That is not to say that players cannot attend the event on the days they are not playing, to meet up with their pickleball friends. Far from it, we will have lots of great games to spectate, lots of stands to visit, lots of fun things happening and lots of recreational play in the evening to ensure mixing of the age groups.

Remember, players can play down in age, so if you are 55+ but your partner is 35+ you can still play together.

Video recap of 2023 English OPEN below. We are returning to Telford International Centre and we will have 40+ pickleball courts.

We are excited to announce that the Title sponsor will once again be Skechers (you can see the Skechers team above).

We are working hard to ensure that the tournament will be as much fun for the whole week.  We encourage players to attend on days they aren’t playing to meet up with friends or watch play on the Championship Court or to volunteer!  

Everyone registered is welcome to play recreationally on any evening (play will finish around 6.30pm and the venue is open until 10pm) but the age events have been split by day. 

The chart below, clearly lays out the age groups that will be competing on different days.

Please note that you can only play ONE Singles event, ONE men/women’s Doubles event and ONE Mixed Doubles event.  The reason for extending the tournament over 7 days is to make capacity for more players.  If the system let you enter more than one event, we wouldn’t be able to welcome more players.  If towards the closing date, there are spaces, we may open up them up to fill the bracket.

The English OPEN is an ideal sponsorship opportunity for pickleball brands as well as brands seeking to speak to active consumers of all ages.

We will be offering booths for brands to sell products at the event as well as offering brands the opportunity to communicate their services to pickleball players.  In 2024 we want to include a section on pickleball destinations, promoting where players and clubs could organise trips that include pickleball. 

If you would like to find out more about sponsorship opportunities email us.