Thursday 26th October was MLP English Style at the English Nationals Day

Start of the Day Teams Photo

SCANtastics, Franklin Family, SKX Pickleball, UK Pickleball Shop, Top Spin Pro, 501 Fun, Pickleball Addiction, SB Pickleball – our 8 team sponsors for the MLP English Style team event. Last year’s event was thrilling and created a lot of excitement.  This year was no different.  In the end the Pickleball Addiction team vanquished the Top Spin Pro team ensuring that there didn’t need to be a dream breaker.  Thaddea Lock was the consistent play in this year’s winning team and last year’s Franklin Family team that lifted last year’s Ian Medhurst Trophy.  

Pickleball Addiction’s Mark Mars received the Gill Smith Trophy sealing a fantastic day for him and his team. 

Winners:  Team Pickleball Addiction

Second Place:  Team Top Spin Pro

Third Place: Team SB Pickleball

There is prize money as well as bragging rights involved. £500 for each member of the winning team, £200 for each member of the 2nd placed team and £100 for each member of the 3rd placed team.  

You can catch all the excitement from the Championship Court from the day.

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Second Place: Team Top Spin Pro
Winners: Team Pickleball Addiction
Third Place: Team SB Pickleball

How were Teams Selected?

The snake draft took place on Monday 16th October.   You can see  the recording on our YouTube channel so that players can watch the draft if they would like.  
This is how the snake draft worked
At the start of the meeting, the Team Sponsor names go into a hat and we will pull names out one at a time to determine the ‘picks’ order.
Then we followed the snake draft order outlined below.

The results of the Snake Draft

There was a draw to determine which group the teams went in for the round robin:

Meet the teams

The total average DUPR rating for the all the teams is VERY close.  This means that it is shaping up to be a great competition.  Come along and watch the teams battle it out or watch it on our live stream from Bolton Arena.