2023 English Nationals

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We are thrilled that Skechers have chosen to be title sponsors for the English Nationals following their title sponsorship of the English OPEN.

The Skechers team will be back with a booth at the English Nationals.  This time they will have a stock of pickleball shoes to sell (in whole and half sizes) including the Viper Court and Viper Court Pros for both men and women – the designs that Tyson McGuffin and Catherine Parenteau have been advertising in the USA!  If they run out of your size, you could place your order for delivery to your home and still enjoy the tournament discount.

Schedule of Events

SCANtastics, Franklin Family, SKX Pickleball, UK Pickleball Shop, Top Spin Pro, 501 Fun, Pickleball Addiction, SB Pickleball – our 8 team sponsors for the MLP English Style team event which will take place at Bolton Arena on Thursday 26th October.  Last year’s event was thrilling and created a lot of excitement.  In the end Franklin Family pipped the Roehampton Club in a true roller coaster of a dream breaker.  Franklin Family then went on to win the DUPR Team Trophy at the English OPEN in the summer and now want to make it the triple by walking off with this year’s trophy!  Can anyone stop them?!!

There is prize money as well as bragging rights involved. £500 for each member of the winning team, £200 for each member of the 2nd placed team and £100 for each member of the 3rd placed team.  
The snake draft is set for Monday at 5pm BST on Monday 16th October.   The call will be live-streamed to our YouTube channel so that the players can watch the draft if they would like.  We need to complete the draft on Monday so that we can get the results into our English Nationals programme that has to go to the printer on Wednesday.
This is how the snake draft works
At the start of the meeting, the Team Sponsor names go into a hat and we will pull names out one at a time to determine the ‘picks’ order.
Then we follow the snake draft order outlined below.

Meet the players selected in the snake draft.

Dear Campervan Enthusiasts

A message from Bolton Arena team:

We are delighted to announce that during the upcoming English National Pickleball championship from the 25th to the 28th of October, we will be able to accommodate up to 10 campervans per evening at Bolton Arena.  Here are some important details:
Cost: £15 per evening per campervan.
Booking: To secure your spot, please contact Joanne at joannefishwick@boltonarena.com.
Allocation: Spaces will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
Limit: Once all allocated spaces are taken, we will not be able to accommodate any additional overnight stays.
Barrier Closure: Please note that the entrance barrier will close at 9pm each evening, and no exit will be permitted until the following morning.
To reserve your spot or for any inquiries, please reach out to Joanne.

We look forward to welcoming you to Bolton Arena for this exciting event!  Warm regards,   Stuart Kay

Information shared with PbE members via email.

Almost as soon as the OPEN was over, we started planning the Nationals!  There are 80 individual events set up. We had to figure out how many entries per event so that we are both fair across the ages and ratings and ensure that we can finish by around 6.30pm (to be fair to our volunteers and players). 

Please do not expect the English OPEN at the Nationals. We do not have the roll out courts.  We are hopeful we may have one for the Championship Court, but all the others will be taped out courts.  This is because:

  1. We would not be able to fit the 24 courts that we need to accommodate more players than last year 
  2. We couldn’t hire the venue several days in advance to lay the courts
  3. The cost of laying the courts is prohibitive

We are space constrained at the Nationals and so we have had to set our maximum number of players to 500 per day.  To try to accommodate more players, we have taken the decision to:

  1. Stage the 65+ and 70+ events on the Thursday and Friday.  We have chosen these age groups as they are the most likely to be retired and available during the week.  It also enables us to open up the 70+ event to have a 3.0- and a 3.5 event.  
  2. Move the wheelchair event to Friday from Sunday.
  3. We have set caps for each event, so please don’t wait too long to register as it will be on a first come first served basis.  If you want to ensure you play with your chosen partner, they also need to register promptly. Remember you need to use the link on your registration email to partner up.
  4. Only fully paid registrations are confirmed registrations.

Remember that this year, only English born or England resident players registered with PbE can play in the Nationals.  The only caveat to that is the wheelchair event where we have agreed with Pickleball Scotland that it is in the interest of growing this category that we don’t constrain registration. 

Please note that the only flag that should be taken to the English Nationals is the English Flag.  No medal photos will be allowed with other flags.