2023 English Nationals

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Information shared with PbE members via email.

Almost as soon as the OPEN was over, we started planning the Nationals!  There are 80 individual events set up. We had to figure out how many entries per event so that we are both fair across the ages and ratings and ensure that we can finish by around 6.30pm (to be fair to our volunteers and players). 

Please do not expect the English OPEN at the Nationals. We do not have the roll out courts.  We are hopeful we may have one for the Championship Court, but all the others will be taped out courts.  This is because:

  1. We would not be able to fit the 24 courts that we need to accommodate more players than last year 
  2. We couldn’t hire the venue several days in advance to lay the courts
  3. The cost of laying the courts is prohibitive

We are space constrained at the Nationals and so we have had to set our maximum number of players to 500 per day.  To try to accommodate more players, we have taken the decision to:

  1. Stage the 65+ and 70+ events on the Thursday and Friday.  We have chosen these age groups as they are the most likely to be retired and available during the week.  It also enables us to open up the 70+ event to have a 3.0- and a 3.5 event.  
  2. Move the wheelchair event to Friday from Sunday.
  3. We have set caps for each event, so please don’t wait too long to register as it will be on a first come first served basis.  If you want to ensure you play with your chosen partner, they also need to register promptly. Remember you need to use the link on your registration email to partner up.
  4. Only fully paid registrations are confirmed registrations.

Remember that this year, only English born or England resident players registered with PbE can play in the Nationals.  The only caveat to that is the wheelchair event where we have agreed with Pickleball Scotland that it is in the interest of growing this category that we don’t constrain registration. 

Please note that the only flag that should be taken to the English Nationals is the English Flag.  No medal photos will be allowed with other flags.

Information update

How are we managing registrations?

After the first day many events were already full and we had waiting lists.  Our objective was always to be fair, which is why we set up 80 different events and allocated spaces across the events based on previous experience.  

We also advised players that spaces will go on a first come, first served basis.  So when many events were oversubscribed and others less so, we started to look at adjusting spaces up and down to let players into the more popular events.  There were many events where no adjustment was possible because other events on the same day were equally full.

Some adjustments had to be made because the partner process sometimes let a player move to a different event.  The processing of requests looked at the time of the partner request whether there was space in the event.  If there was any delay in the acceptance of the partner request, the player was let in even if the event was full.  This led to an odd number in the event, so we would then take someone off standby so that there was an even number (for doubles events).  

Status of registrations as at 8pm Sunday 17th Sept

35 of 80 brackets are full.  There are still spaces in the other brackets but some are very close to full.  

How do we work out capacity?

We work out daily capacity based on number of courts, time allocated for games for round robin and knockout rounds, group size and the number of players on the court.  So our capacity on Singles day is less than for Doubles days. 

How do you allocate who is taken from standby if a space becomes available?

We take a look at who registered first.  If the first person on standby has paid their registration fee, they are let in first.  If they haven’t paid their registration fee but the next person has, we will take them off the standby list.

Please note that if you are taken off standby you must pay that event fee as soon as possible by clicking on the payment link at the bottom of the confirmation email.  Only paid registrations are confirmed registrations.

Some questions answered

Q It looks like you have an event with just 5 players and it is full why is that?

A There was an error made in set up.  The 4.0+ 50+ event was supposed to include 4.5 players (like the 4.0+ 60+) but we had erroneously set up a 4.5+ 50+ event too.  So we will combine the entries for these events into one 4.0+ 50+ event so that the event size is the same as other events.

Q I have paid my registration fee but am on standby on all the events I entered.  If I don’t get a place in an event, will my registration fee be refunded.

A It depends on the scenario.  a) if you didn’t get into any events and you will not be coming to Bolton we will refund your registration fee.  b) if you withdraw from an event(s) that you were confirmed in, you will not be refunded your registration fee. c) If you wish to come along to play recreational play on Thursday (9am-10pm) and on Friday evening (6-10pm), or you are eligible and want to play in the MLP event on Thursday, you should not request a refund.

Q Can I move to another event?  

A If there is still space in an event, yes you can move.  If there is not space, you risk losing your confirmed space as you would go on standby on the new event.  

Q I was taken off standby and added to an event.  How do I pay the fee for that event?

A The updated confirmation email will include a payment link, click on that to be taken to payment options.  IT IS IMPORTANT TO PAY ASAP.  ONLY PAID REGISTRATIONS ARE CONFIRMED.