Congratulations to all the 2021 English Nationals medal winners

There were 237 competitors taking part Friday-Sunday. 33 events and 152 medals awarded at the English Nationals sponsored by Franklin Pickleball. 

We had two triple crown winners at the weekend, which means the players won singles, doubles and mixed doubles events. Thaddea Lock repeated her triple from the 2019 English OPEN at the 19+ highest level.  Thaddea also won the fun split age event on Friday afternoon, so technically, she got the quadruple crown!  

22 year old Alex Jeffries won all 3 events he played in and it was his first tournament!  Alex didn’t have a partner for mixed doubles so played in the ‘Too hot to handle’ event for men without partners.  Each player played with and against the other players and the players results and points were used to identify Gold, Silver and Bronze positions.  

There were other players that medalled in multiple events – see how many you can spot below.

Big thank you to Paul Currie for the great pictures he took of the medallists and the players in action – you can see the gallery of pictures here.

19+ 3.5 Singles Gold for Alex Jeffries
Mens Doubles 3.5 19+  GOLD for Alex Jeffries and John Smale
3.5 19+ Too hot to handle event - Gold to Alex Jeffries

FRIDAY 13th August 2021 - Singles Day!

Nothing unlucky about Friday the 13th for these winners!

Mens Singles 3.0 19+  GOLD Rob Williams SILVER Silvano Squizzato BRONZE Leigh Ryder
Mens Singles 3.0 50+  GOLD Ian Gibson SILVER Andy Horrell BRONZE Julian Tomkinson
Mens Singles 3.0 60+/65+  GOLD John Killick SILVER Rowland Eyers BRONZE Harry Burness
Mens Singles 3.5 19+  GOLD Alex Jeffries SILVER Kyle Siftar BRONZE Anthony McElvaine
Mens Singles 3.5 50+/60+/65+  GOLD Alastair Crocket SILVER Peter Seddon BRONZE Mark Johnson
Mens Singles 4.0+ 19+  GOLD Louis Laville SILVER James Chaudry BRONZE Daniel Wren. Note: Daniel Wren is just 17 years old and won Gold at 19+ 3.5 level at the 2019 English OPEN.
Mens Singles 4.0+ 50+/60+  GOLD David Youngs SILVER Stanley Johnson BRONZE Chris Mitchell
Womens Singles 3.0  GOLD Janet Devlin SILVER Elaine Brown BRONZE Karan Cox
Womens Singles 3.5 19+-4.0 60+  GOLD Anna Cherry SILVER Antonella Giuliano BRONZE Nohemi Reynoso
Womens Singles 4.0+ 19+  GOLD Thaddea Lock SILVER Val Vladea BRONZE Rachel Kirk

Saturday 14th August 2021 - Men's & Women's Doubles Day

Mens Doubles 3.0 19+/50+  GOLD Alex Tomkinson
 & Julian Tomkinson SILVER David Mills & 
Silvano Squizzato BRONZE Geoff Everitt & 
Anthony Hughes
Mens Doubles 3.0 60+/65+  GOLD Paul Hacking & 
Christopher Weir SILVER Paul Jenkins & 
Steve Lilygreen BRONZE Steve Heap & 
Brian Woollard
Mens Doubles 3.5 19+  GOLD Alex Jeffries & 
John Smale SILVER Malcolm Skates & 
Kyle Siftar BRONZE Robin Michaelides & 
Jack Parker
Mens Doubles 3.5 50+  GOLD Neil Hopkins & 
Neil Vincent SILVER Mark Johnson
 & Kevin McCarthy BRONZE Shaun Savage & 
Anthony Stamper
Mens Doubles 3.5 60+/65+  GOLD David Stoten & 
Nicholas Pomery SILVER Dean Colwell & Michael Taylor BRONZE Michael Daly & 
David Lambourn
Mens Doubles 4.0+ 19+  GOLD James Chaudry & 
Darren Walsh SILVER Daniel Wren
 & Andrew Portlock BRONZE Louis Laville
 & Anthony McElvaine
Mens Doubles 4.0+ 50+/60+  GOLD William Evans & 
Chris Mitchell SILVER Stanley Johnson
 & Jeff Van der Hulst BRONZE Ryan Folkard
 & David Youngs
Womens Doubles 3.0 19+/50+ GOLD Amanda Trayler & 
Marion Searle SILVER Janette Bamber & 
Susan Evans BRONZE Amanda Cahill
 & Angela Haley
Womens Doubles 3.0 60+/65+  GOLD Carol Crooks & 
Kath Hamflett SILVER Teresa Saunders & 
Pamela Simpson BRONZE Wendy Kilcran & 
Veronica Marnell
Womens Doubles 3.5 19+/50+ GOLD Angela Mcgilveray & 
Maureen McCadden SILVER Karen Farnhill & 
Angela Needham BRONZE Morag Boyle & 
Alison Davies
Womens Doubles 3.5 60+/65+  GOLD Pamela Stoten & 
Yvonne Stredder SILVER Carolyn Laville
 & Wendy Marks BRONZE Karyn Duggan & 
Salli Griffith
Womens Doubles 4.0 19+  GOLD Thaddea Lock & 
Faye Plummer SILVER Bonita Baker & 
Julie McCauley BRONZE Val Vladea
 & Hannah Stockton
Womens Doubles 4.0 50+ GOLD Louise Stephens & Elaine Shallcross SILVER Emma Robins & Jane Portnall BRONZE Pam Whitehead & Anna Cherry

Sunday 15th August 2021 - Mixed Doubles Day

Mixed Doubles 3.0 19+/50+  GOLD Silvano Squizzato & 
Sandra Ashcroft SILVER Josh Devlin
 & Janet Devlin BRONZEDavid Buchanan
 & Dianne Duggan
Mixed Doubles 3.0 60+  GOLD Karyn Duggan & 
David Mills SILVER Carol Crooks & 
Steve Heap BRONZE Rowland Eyers & 
Victoria Jackson
Mixed Doubles 3.0 65+  GOLD Murray Allan & 
Kathryn Burgess SILVER Rachel Moore
& John Roberts BRONZE Paul Jenkins
 & Julie McGowan
PICTURE TO BE REPLACED Mixed Doubles 3.5 19+  GOLD Gregg McDonald
 & Angela Mcgilveray SILVER James Gilmour & 
Lisa McConville BRONZE Kyle Siftar
 & Caron Evans
Too hot to handle event 3.5 19+ [Men without partners] GOLD Alex Jeffries, SILVER James Dawn, BRONZE Patrick Pepe
Mixed Doubles 3.5 50+  GOLD Gillian Collinson & 
David Lambourn SILVER Elaine Brown & 
Alan Parfitt BRONZE Alan Coley
 & Karen Farnhill
Mixed Doubles 3.5 60+  GOLD Pamela & David Stoten SILVER Sheila Collins &
 Paul Lewis BRONZE Dean Colwell
 & Wendy Marks
Mixed Doubles 3.5 65+  GOLD Harry Burness & 
Maureen McCadden SILVER Richard Welsford
 & Pamela Simpson BRONZE Derek Seed
 & Kath Hamflett
Mixed Doubles 4.0+ 19+ GOLD Thaddea Lock & 
Louis Laville SILVER Jang & 
William Evans BRONZE Faye Plummer
 & Peter Hitchman
Mixed Doubles 4.0+ 50+/60+  Karen & Chris Mitchell SILVER Beverly Sharman & 
Ryan Folkard BRONZE Louise Stephens
 & Stanley Johnson