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The 2023 English OPEN will be bigger and better than ever.  We are hosting the event at the Telford International Centre. For more information click here.


If you were unable to join the AGM on the 27th November, you can see the presentation here, when you are logged into this website.

Ed Hares, Rob and Tom, thank you for setting up and running the video review for MLP English Style and for extending the use until Saturday.  The speed of your review was truly impressive.

Thank you to John Molyneux who managed the live streaming and Paul Currie who took hundreds of photographs over the 4 days.  To those that commentated on the live stream, particularly Richard Millman on MLP English Style day;  helped with the scoreboard or any other role assigned to them.  Salli Griffith for all the wonderful graphics – a big Thank You!    Karen, Chris & Frank

Volunteers are the vital ingredient

Your help ensures the success of all PbEngland events. We couldn’t stage them without help setting up the venue and packing it all away. Thank you to Jeff and the NW team, London Pickleball Crew, David, Sabine, Jane and anyone else I have forgotten.  

Welcome desk volunteers are the first impression as players arrive.  Thank you for an outstanding job Pat, Alison, Jane, Pam, Elaine, Sandra and everyone that spent time at the Welcome Desk did.  

The Court Monitors role is essential to ensure that players get to courts promptly and scores are captured so that we can efficiently use all the courts.  Thank you to Mal, Jackie, Gerry, Simon, Richard, Nick, Kathy, Ruth, Amanda, Elaine, Lynn, Lisa and everyone else that took a turn.  

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We have announced our winner.  Click on the heart below to find out who won the vote.

2022 English Nationals

All the 2022 English Nationals results are available.  

We had a lovely raffle at the event.  If you would like to see who won, click here.


SAVE MONEY on travel 

We are excited to announce that Pickleball England and Ultimate Travel Club (UTC) have worked together to develop a bespoke Pickleball Travel Membership at a reduced price of £79 annually per member. Becoming a UTC member will not only help you save on hotels for pickleball events, but also for all your personal travel requirements throughout the year.

Club Insurance for Registered Clubs

We are currently renegotiating with Mead.  PbE Club insurance offering is temporarily suspended.

  • Public/Products Liability £5,000,000    
  • Professional Liability cover to £1,000,000
  • Directors & Officers Liability £500,000
  • Cyber Cover £100,000
  • Personal Accident Cover to £30,000 and £30 per week

PREMIUM: Flat Rate of £70.00 for pbE Registered Clubs [including the 12% Insurance Premium Tax]  SUBJECT to acceptance of Completed Online Application Form.